Brown Sugar Apple Crumb Pie

It’s Pi-day (March 14 = 3/14 = 3.14 = Pi) so I couldn’t possibly let this day go by without posting a, yeah, you guessed it, Pie!  It’s been quite a while since I baked and posted anything but I wanted to honor one of my favorite days of the year.  I’ve made a lot of pies in my day but to be honest, making a good pie crust has always been difficult for me. At least it was difficult until I came across Mike’s recipe for pie crust.  This baby has not failed me once and I continue to make it again and again… and again.  It’s absolutely my go-to recipe when I need a pie crust.  And the filling?  How can you go wrong with brown sugar, apples and a delectable crumb topping!

Yes indeed – have a happy Pi day… March 14… and be sure to help yourself to some pie :)



Orange Cardamom Bundt Cake

Happy National Bundt Cake Day!!!  What?  You didn’t know about it?  Well obviously you have not been following The Food Librarian as she’s made her way thru 30 days of bundt cakes leading up to this momentous day!  I had a lot of fun following her journey… and I give her mad props for baking 30 different bundt cakes in the past month.  You go girl :)  Her perseverance inspired me to plan on baking a bundt cake ON National Bundt Cake Day (Nov 15) in tribute to her efforts!  She made quite a variety of different bundt’s and each of them sounded absolutely delicious.  This made it terribly hard to decide on which one I would make.  Maybe it should be chocolate (DH and the kids love chocolate).  Maybe it should be fruity (you know I love lemon!!).  Maybe it should be seasonal (it IS November  so perhaps pumpkin).  I pondered her list trying to decide when over and over it seemed one intrigued me more than the others… the Cardamom Vanilla bundt.  Being a Daring Baker I fell in love with the spice cardamom way back when we made a danish braid… and especially when it is paired with the flavor orange.  Not sure why but it’s a combination that just does it for me!  So for today… in honor of National Bundt Cake day… I present the Orange Cardamom Bundt!



Cran-Apple Crisps

This week was my turn to host Tuesdays with Dorie!  While I haven’t been baking a lot lately, I surely was not going to miss my turn in the rotation :)  When I initially joined TwD it seemed like my turn was so far far faaaaaar away but now it’s here and I chose Dorie’s recipe for Cran-Apple Crisps. It seemed like a no-brainer to me as I love both of these fruits and using cranberries and apples seemed so perfect for the autumn weather most of the United States is experiencing :)



Fresh Apple Cake

According to the calendar, Autumn has arrived… and in many parts of the country the temperatures are starting to cool off.  That hasn’t completely been the case here in my part of Southern California but yesterday we finally had high’s in the 90’s instead off 100+ so I was definitely ready to bake something fall-like with apples!  Of course I’m been saving lots of recipes during the seemingly endless hot hot summer so I had quite a few to choose from.  One, in particular caught my eye rather recently and I decided to run with it.  I’ve seen many Apple Cake recipes but this one from the King Arthur Flour company is a sure fired winner.  As my husband said, “if you like apples, and you like cake, then this is the cake for you!” :)



Blueberry Lemon Coffeecake

My little blog is just about 18 months old and in that time I’ve made lots and lots and lots of recipes.  Most of them get posted here since I like to share… and most of them get taken to work since, well, I like to share :)  What can I say – feeding people and knowing I personally made what they’re enjoying just makes me feel good.  There are certain books and a short-list of websites I tend to gravitate toward when I’m looking to make something in particular.  But there’s one specific website that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to generating rave reviews of what I’ve made.  In fact, the feedback I got when making this Blueberry Lemon Coffee cake was better than I ever imagined… nearly every comment fell along the lines of “this is simply perfect”.


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