Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Earlier this week a coworker showed me a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  He didn’t ask me to make it, but rather just showed me the recipe saying something along the lines of “isn’t this interesting”.  Of course, he figured once he put the bug in my ear I’d make it.  Some of my colleagues know me quite well ;)  As luck would have it two things came into play… 1) I had two gorgeous zucchini in my fridge just waiting to be used for something special and 2) this coworker is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – for him I’d make pretty much anything he wanted.   Unfortunately I did not bookmark the recipe and when I went back to make it couldn’t find the site it was from.  I turned to the internet figuring it would be easy to find… I mean, chocolate zucchini cake?  Who ever heard of that?  But I was surprised to see just how many Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipes are out there – trust me, a lot!  After reading thru a whole bunch I decided on this one from the King Arthur Flour company.  Back when I first started baking, I tried many of KAF’s recipes… and called their “baker’s helpline” (as I call it) many times with what I’m sure were extremely elementary questions.  Yes, I was a total newbie and not ashamed to admit it… if only anonymously… and over the phone ;)  At this point I’ve lost count of just how many recipes I’ve tried from King Arthur Flour.  The results are pretty darn consistent and this is just one more that didn’t let me down !  This cake is rich, moist, chocolatey, fudgy, dark and… and… and absolutely delicious.


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