Ice Cream Sandwiches

You tell me… which do I talk about more… lemons or the weather? Hmmm… I think it just might be a toss up! LOL! While we sadly don’t get the four seasons here, we do get our share of heat (and probably a few other state’s share of heat as well). I don’t know about the weather where you live but here in Southern California we’ve just blown thru Spring and landed smack-dab in the middle of a summer-like heat-wave! Good grief it’s too early in the year to deal with 100°F days and nights so warm you sleep on top of the sheets… with the fans running… but that’s where we’re finding ourselves these past few days. The forecasters are saying we won’t be back down to normal high-70’s until the end of next week so I’ve been thinking about… you guessed it… ice cream! A mound of cool, creamy ice-cream tucked between two incredibly thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies and coated with chocolate sprinkles. Oh most definitely you can beat the heat with this!


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