Lemon Cookies

Do you remember when I posted the Iced Pumpkin Cookies and said they should come with a warning because they’re so addictive?  Well, go on and add these Lemon Cookies to the same category! LOL.  These are amazingly good.  I made them on pretty much of a whim and the batter was so good I had to seriously restrain myself from eating all of it!  The cookies were so good it was hard to get them off the cookie sheet and onto the cooling rack without a detour straight to my mouth.  My co-workers devoured these… quickly!  I had to set a couple aside for one of my most lemon-loving colleagues who was coming in late that day.  I knew he’d never forgive me if they were gone before he’d had a chance to try them and in all honesty I set aside three for him but somehow only two were left <insert innocent look here> by the time he came in.  No clue how that happened ;-) {continued}

Lots of people have been giving me lemons lately.  At one point they were so ridiculously expensive in the market (uh… $1 ea?  no thanks!) that I was starting to worry.  I’m guessing now everyone’s lemon trees are in full bloom and folks wanna get rid of their overage – I’m happy, make that delighted, to help them out :) One house on our block has a lemon tree in the front yard with virtually an entire crop of lemons on that one tree.  I’d love to pick each and every last one and use it for baking… but… I don’t know the people and I feel awkward ringing their bell and saying “Hi, you don’t know me but I live on the block and I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous and abundant your lemon tree is so was wondering if maybe you wouldn’t mind if I kinda, sorta, perhaps harvest them all for my baking addiction, er, hobby since lemon is my faaaaaaavorite flavor…. <insert batting eyelashes here> ppppplease?”  Yeah, that’s a great ice-breaker… not! LOL Instead I just admire the beauty of the tree and secretly covet its fruit :)

Anyway… back to the cookies :)  These are not dry, hard, crunchy, thin or crumbly.  Oh no!  These are moist, dense, thick, chewy and incredibly delicious.  I will be making these again very very soon!  I first discovered them on my friend Jamie’s blog and she was on the fence about them…. but not me.  I love love love these cookies!  The recipe can be found here and because I like my stuff very very, very lemony, to the recipe I added the zest and juice of one entire large lemon.  That was my only “alteration” if you will and honestly if you’re not as much of a lemon fan as I am, you can go ahead and make the recipe as written for a milder flavor.  When it comes to lemon, I like my flavor big, bold and tart but I realize not everyone agrees :)  Wow – just posting about these has me all drooly again. Hmmm… methinks that means I need to make more cookies! LOL

Have a delicious day!

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