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It’s Inauguration Day in the US.  Last November we elected a new leader and today Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States! I used to live in the suburbs of Washington DC have been chatting up a storm with all my friends.  I got caught up in the excitement and I’ll admit the week kind of got away from me. It didn’t help that this week’s recipe choice was yet another that I talked myself into… and out of… about a dozen times before deciding to just go for it.  Though I baked and photographed yesterday, I didn’t get around to downloading, editing or writing until this morning (nice to have the day off work and not feel totally TwD-rushed on Monday night).   So I read the recipe over and over again… it was “fussy” and the other TwD bakers were reporting pretty much nothing but problems as they made it.  I hemmed… I hawed… I just didn’t feel like being bothered investing tons of energy in something that would seemingly be so meager in the payoff department.  BOY WAS I WRONGsorta!  While yes, the recipe was indeed fussy but OMG the payoff was enormous!!!!!!!! Cake.. berries… whipped cream… m’mmmm…. can’t go wrong with this one :) {continues…}

The basic elements of this cake are a whole-egg genoise, a simple syrup, raspberries, cream cheese filling and a whipped cream topping.  Mixed with a bit of sugar, the eggs are whipped…. and whipped… and whipped… and whipped.  Dorie’s recipe calls for about 5 minutes of whipping until the egg mixture triples in volume.  Well, let me tell you, my experience was that it took about 12-15 minutes before my egg mixture volume tripled.  As written, the recipe calls for baking in an 8″ springform pan.  I halved it and tried using a 4″ springform – uh unh – wrong – nice try, thanks for playing.  My egg mixture *filled* the pan and I still had enough for 4 cupcakes.

After about 5 minutes of baking I peeked thru the oven door and saw the batter had risen past the top of the cake pan and was gracefully oozing down the sides.  Uhmmmm yeah, not a good start.  Luckily my cupcakes survived and I was able to make “Berry Surprise CUPCAKES” hahahah

Once baked the cakes are cooled then a thin layer of the top is cut away and set aside. The inside is then hollowed out just a bit (taking care to leave a good bit at the bottom), bathed in the syrup and filled with layers of berries and cream cheese filling.  Next the top is replaced and the whole cake enrobed in fluffy whipped cream. It’s everything I love… cake, cream and berries.  How could this be anything but delicious?

My cream cheese filling was a bit more creamy than fluffy but that’s okay – it was fabulous with the berries. And speaking of berries, I only had frozen raspberries which thawed into a sorry looking state that was most assuredly less than photogenic.  Thankfully this had no impact on how tasty this dessert is.  I think I’ll try it again when berries are in season and I’ll probably use strawberries with a lemon curd filling. OMG – just thinking of it makes me all drooly!

If you’d like the recipe, please check out the site of this week’s host MaryAnn of Meet Me In The Kitchen.  And while you’re at it, please check out the other TwD bakers – they have some lovely creations!


Have a delicious day!

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